Saša Milivojev: POLITICAL THIRST STRIKE, Wekeend column, 10-11.9.2011.

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Politički štrajk žeđu: Saša Milivojev, Oliver. B. Antić, Aleksandar Vučić, Tomislav Nikolić, Hosni Mubarak
Politički štrajk žeđu: Saša Milivojev, Oliver. B. Antić, Aleksandar Vučić, Tomislav Nikolić, Hosni Mubarak
Tanslation from Serbian: ALEKSANDRA JAKŠIĆ

Threatening to Aleksandar Vučić and Oliver B. Antić with political asylum and thirst strike in Brussels, explaining thats the only way for me to fight, as a matter of urgency, for my rights guaranteed by Constitution, because Serbia is a Civil State, I influenced them psychologically to steal my epoch-making idea on POLITICAL strike and overnight to persuade Tomislav Nikolić once again to show to Europe who actually are Progressives (members of Napredna stranka – eng. Progressive Party). Nikolić is the first politician in history who has used this strike. This idea has widely been spread all over the world. Arab Media transmit that Hosni Mubarak follows his Serbian right-wing leader and refuses to take liquid. This idea is mine! Sešelj was starving for 17 days in the Hague because didnt know about the thirst strike….

Welcome my friends. Welcome my enemies.. The true is waiting for you here. Thank you for staying with me because, since 10th January 2010.  my Serbian brothers have unmercifully sanctioned me, disparaged me, politically harassed me and discriminated me in all those party, mafia and sect media, independent and cheap Serbian daily newspaper full of hatred, intolerance, lies, frauds, deceits, false morality and ontological immorality.

In 2008. I suspected in conspiracy between the radicals and members of Napredna Stranka (Progressive Party) on alleged division. I didnt pay attention when everybody ridiculed me because I was astray from Politika to work on liberalization of Pravda. POLITICAL METASTASIS… Members of Napredna stranka (progressives) started to become my fans. First among them was a functionary Oliver B. Antić. He was delighted with my columns, annoying me by the phone and writing me messages that I am a miracle, but , as an intellectual creator of progressives, he had his final target in misusing my spirit of rebellion, talent, national feelings and an influence to reading audience. However, as soon as Carla del Ponte ha spoken up about Yellow house, I announced a novel under a shocking title The Boy from the Yellow House, after which I was kicked out from Politika and Pravda. Then it was revealed that even professor didnt care about the Yellow House; he did that only for his personal pleasure and philanthropy. Aleksandar Vučić blushed when I told him about my target to publish the novel about the Yellow House and to encourage an investigation.  Saša Milivojev to Aleksandar Vučić, SMS:  „Stop lying me as you have been lying the people for years!“

„Halo, listen to me very carefully Saša: tell to your mom and dad they are lairs! Do you hear me? Tell them they are lairs!! You havent obliged me with anything, so I do not owe you any help!“

„No kidding? My background is not the street, Mr Vučić, I have come from Politika in order to meet you! Thousands of young people are following my words in Politika  and Pravda towards your party, now you will see when I turn all of them against you! I have  my  tentacles in structures which are impalpable to you and Boris Tadić! You will be surprised…“

Oliver B. Antić to Saša Milivojev, SMS: „I do not understand what you are expecting from us? We are not an authority which employees qualified! You are a poetic talent, even the best couldnt  pass.“

„I have been sent to clean the wheat from the chaff by my literature, just they have forgotten to tell you that! Professionally, I can deal with your literature and, drawing from the context, I can prove your clear hate speech against the Muslims; that you are doing is not a literary struggle against terrorism, it is an attack on religion! And every religion must be respected!“

„One threat more and the criminal charge is at your door!“

„What the hell criminal charge? You could be charged for breaking human rights, manipulation and harassment of declared journalist, a young man whose intellectual property has been misused by you in Pravda, and he was left by you in the street again by you!“

„We do not have any connection with Pravda anymore. It has been bought by Đilas.“

„I am not interested in knowing who is an owner, Pravda as a public media, owes me!“ – He says:  „You are sick!“

„We shall se who is sick when you defend yourself by the polygraph! You know very well how I  hold a reputation of the party in my hand. Do you want me to call Homen? You turned him down but you still are not aware that you lost him! People remember! People will never forgive you!“

„However, your political opinion is very shallow.“

Now we shall see whose opinion is politically shallow. So, threatening to Aleksandar Vučić and Oliver B. Antić with political asylum and the thirst strike in Brussels, explaining that its the only way for me to fight for my rights guaranteed by Constitution ( civil state- means same rights to all citizens of the state), I psychologically influenced them to steal my epoch-making idea on POLITICAL thirst strike and overnight persuade Tomislav Nikolić to show to Europe once again who are the Progressives indeed. Long time ago, people used the thirst strike, but those were the workers and refugees. The leader of Progressives is the first politician in history who used that strike. In his statements I recognized my words and SMS messages I had sent to Vučić and Antić. Said well enough  on shallow political opinion and rating!

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