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28 пута прочитано

I’ve been asleep too long

can’t even see what’s wrong.

Suddenly, no lights around me,

I’m not able to see anything.

And I walk and walk…

was just lost in unthinking.

I’m hearing somebody’s talk

but still pretending to sleeping.

I’m holding with all my strength

to the numbness…

Finally, falling with no faith,

loosing all awereness.

I wish I could tell a word

but I couldn’t find my voice.

Last time it was heared

was when you made your choice.

It starts to rain,

I didn’t make a step,

just still standing

feeling all upset.

Pain knocked me breathless…

If I could only been fainted,

but I didn’t lose conciouscness,

world was still black&white painted…

Hours were passing by,

in dimension that was unplugged.

No scream, no cry.

Was this bad enough?

Memories are slippin’ away…

I don’t feel texture of your skin,

Your eyes are now grey.

Wonder, what was I’ve last seen?

There is just one thing

that would make me able to resist,

Your love

and it’s only in my dreams,

but I know that you’re somewhere exist !

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