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CALIFORNIA – Milijan Slavnić

144 пута прочитано


California is a right place for a crew
Take a risk and please visit Hollywood
Your name can be easy on next news
California is land of vegetables, fruit

And if your way is a way for Frisco
There is much more there than game
It’s free to buy and to use heavy pistol
Tough face of crime gives fear and shame

And if now you think to go or to stay
Few more days everybody always have
And maybe is just a hundred dollars left

For nice, pleasant vacation, near in L. A.
California gives always much more and more
Like thousand buck pistol in a civil store…

© Milijan Slavnic 2005.

Milijan Slavnic, born 1974. Poet and novelist from Arandjelovac (Serbia and Montenegro). Former computer engineering specialist. This collection represents a hundred sonnets in 15 chapters.

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